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This site is continually in development. Or at least it would be if I had enough spare time to continue working on it. But I am just one man, and my skills extend not much further than a talent for translation and knowledge of a few Javascript tricks. I need your help to get this site running properly. Here's what the problems are, but first:

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Before moving on to the serious cries for help, let me appeal to your integrity. Unlike some dodgy sites that urge you to visit their sponsors, I want you to visit my sister. You see she has her own web site at and I think it's cool. Now, as far as the content goes it's nothing special - she just talks about her favourite bands and what she and her friends do in town. The presentation is no more than adequate. However, she has a writing style that it is really quite excellent. I believe that she has a gift for English. She manages to capture the essence of spoken language in her prose, resulting in a page which is dynamic and snappy and a joy to read. However I'm only her big brother and she won't believe that coming from me.

If you've enjoyed reading about La Marseillaise and have maybe printed out the sheet music, downloaded the words or studied my translation, and you want to thank me, by all means drop me an e-mail - I'll appreciate it - but if you really want to show your gratitude, please go to Laura's page, really read through it thoroughly, and drop her a line if you, like me, think that it's got a certain style to it. I should really really be grateful if you'd do that. Cheers.

And now on to the serious business of what I need from you.


Just look at that La Marseillaise logo in the top left-hand corner. It's rubbish isn't it. The thing is, I can't do any better. I'm useless at art. If you can do any better, why not send in your contribution? It can be some jazzy icons or some nice backgrounds or whatever you like. If it's good I'll put it on the page and you'll get your name in lights.

I especially want some icons for the audio page.


Oh dear. I mean just look at this site. It's your standard menu bar on the left with content frames on the right setup. It's all been done a thousand times before. The only interesting bit is the translation notes section which makes extensive use of Javascript and Style Sheets to create a set of dynamic (there's a good piece of internet jargon) notes. As you can see from that page, I can do HTML and Javascript. What I can't do is think of anything interesting to showcase my programming skills. If you've got an idea, ie wouldn't it be great if..., let me know. I can almost certainly do it, I just need you to think of it. I'm not very creative really.


Please do send me your comments, be they positive or negative. I'm not vain enough to put a web counter on this site so I don't know how many people come to visit it. By sending me a mail, even a silly one like this from A J Ryan, you're letting me know that the work is worthwhile.

Subject: You're rubbish at translating French
   Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 13:40:26 +0000
   From: A J Ryan <>

is really the french national anthem???!!!!
its to looooooonnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!

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