La Marseillaise - audio files

Midi 7Kb
+ small
- it's a Midi
RealAudio 116Kb
+ low download time
- only 15.2Kbps quality
Sun AU 226Kb
+ good size v quality ratio
- a bit scratchy
Wave 676Kb
+ reasonable sound
- 676Kb
Quicktime 1448Kb
+ best sound
- it's big
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For MP3 versions of Hector Berlioz's orchestral arrangement, follow the Berlioz link.

Mireille Mathieu's performance

This rendition, kindly sent to me by Mave the Rave features none other than "La demoiselle d'Avignon" herself: Mireille Mathieu. The performance is presented in MP3 format. It's a 6Mb download but well worth the effort to grab it.

Download the file here.

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